Video Bracket TournamentI’m sure there’s a bunch of us out there—the kids who would take pencil and paper and make a game. We’d draw map and mazes. Fold it up and staple, we’d design a booklet or magazine. Try and sell it to someone. I remember my cousin and me designing a magazine, ads and all, and then selling it to my Grandpa. Some of us kids still create and play. I think I am one of them.

My latest making involves every guy’s attraction to tournaments. All credible competition evolves to bracket style playoffs to determine a champion. Even college football is finally getting on board, instituting a four team playoff for next season. Think of all the things that you could figure out if you could organize a bracket style tournament.

So this is why I made One of the major pinnacles of our modern web is content sharing. The huge challenge is how to differentiate ways to share free content. I am attempting a unique way—using bracket tournaments. It’s not enough to just create a cool blog post listing your top ten favorite embedded videos. VideoBrackets puts embedded videos in a 16 bracket competition, and gives the site visitor a little more interaction.

I’ve already put up about five tournaments; including sports highlight videos and roller coaster POV videos, but the more popular tournaments are the funny videos. Check them out and find your own champions.


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