Buzzpath Resurrection

BuzzpathIn June of 2010, traffic on one of my main web sites Buzzpath drastically dropped. The trickle of revenue I was making dried up and I was left perplexed. I carefully combed through statistical data, but could not figure out what went wrong. Shelving the site, I moved on to a different project.

Earlier this year, I noticed some spikes in traffic. It was nice. I received a paycheck from Google for ads. A few more spikes in traffic occurred, but just like the previous year, the trend stopped around the end of May. I then realized what was happening. I had always thought my audience was a assemblage of various online game enthusiasts from divergent walks of life. But I was mistaken. My main audience was elementary aged children. The marketing efforts in which I was endeavoring through social media and paid placed ads were wasted. Children talking to other children were the wellspring of the traffic I was receiving. I had forgotten the initial reason why I made Buzzpath in the first place: to create a web site with games that I pre-approved for my own children!

Over the summer I decided to resurrect Buzzpath with a different, more specific purpose. Knowing that children, not unlike my own, were the main people enjoying the games, I decided that I needed to do my best to ensure that only appropriate content gets placed on the site. And so now that is my goal. The games I put on Buzzpath will steer clear of content that is usually approved for teens or mature audiences. I will try my best to filter out ¬†inappropriate violence, sex or language. Basically I want to keep out content that I find distasteful and subject matter I wouldn’t want my elementary aged children seeing.


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