Featured Businesses from First Friday

My Friends are Flaky

Flaky sticker handed out at First Friday

My wife and I attended the first ‘unofficial’ First Friday the other night. First Friday, if you don’t know, is a street fair and gallery walk  in the downtown Las Vegas arts district usually held once a month. Outside the Arts Factory was one of the areas where local vendors set up booths to hawk their goods. I just wanted to quickly blog about two of them, and the impressive products they peddled.

>>> You should see what Funky Recycling is doing with cans. Amazing pieces of jewelry are crafted from the empty containers of your favorite beverages. The aluminum is cut and folded into shapes like hearts, butterflies or ice cream cones (among others.) They are assembled on to earring hooks and necklaces. Refrigerator magnets are also created. My wife liked the Hello-Kitty shaped necklace charm.

The wares are assembled and sold by Christine Esposito who hales from our great town. Her must-have clever crafts were reasonably priced at her booth. You can also purchase them at her etsy webpage.

>>> Flaky Friends were also for sale at First Friday. These wonderful little stuffed animals were being sold by Sarah Flake. She had a wide variety of unique critters, ranging from traditional stuffed animals to Halloween-ish zombie and devil dolls. Sarah, who is also a local, goes to great length to make sure the toys are safe for children. She also makes Flaky Friends stuffed with cat-nip for those of the feline persuasion. Flaky Friends are also sold on Artfire.com.


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